Category: Sexuality


Gender Expansive Theology

Steff Fenton joins us to explore gender expansive theology and discuss what gender queer people might teach us about what God is like.


The Lessons of Inclusion

Part 2 of Andrew Dodd and Scott Higgins’ story about how Hamilton Baptist Church became LGBTQI+ affirming. This week: what they learned that other churches may want to take onboard.


The Pathway to Inclusion at Hamilton Baptist Church

Scott Higgins and Andrew Dodd share the story of how Hamilton Baptist Church became LGBTQI+ affirming.


Dr Joel Hollier on finding a place at the table.

Dr Joel Hollier used to believe celibacy was the only option for a gay Christian like him. Now, he’s married, co-pastoring a church, and here to share his story about the journey in between.

Jesus (still) weeps

When my friend showed me the rejection letters from the church she grew up in, I had an unexpected experience of the presence of God. Here’s what happened….

If You’re Still Here – Spoken Word Poem

Will Small shares a spoken word poem advocating for the just inclusion of LGTBQI+ people in the Church and apologising for his complicit discrimination.


The Lament of the Poet

Joel McKerrow shares about a transformative moment, standing at the back of the bar, listening to the lament of a poet and seeing something anew…

Gay, Christian & Called: a Conversation with Kris Halliday

Kris Halliday is a Salvation Army minister. He’s also gay. And fighting for everyone’s place at the table.