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You might not think my church is a church, but here’s why we could use more like it.

Our church is pretty unconventional according to certain measurements. But it’s a pretty special community to belong to and I want to see more people experience what we have nurtured together.


Removing our blindfolds

Joel McKerrow talks to us about self-aware spirituality and the journey of removing our blindfolds, one after the other.


Pursuing Shame-Free Spirituality

Cheryl Andrews, a social worker and counsellor joins us for a conversation about spirituality, shame and what it might look like to disentangle them.


Pub Theology with Mitch Forbes

Mitch and Will crack a tinny and chat about God, the universe and everything in this sprawling theological ‘pub chat’.


Gender Expansive Theology

Steff Fenton joins us to explore gender expansive theology and discuss what gender queer people might teach us about what God is like.


Benjamin Hastings on honest worship and feeling alone in the flock

Benjamin Hastings, most known for the songs he’s written with Hillsong, opens up about honest faith, doubt, and spiritual seeking through the scepticism.


Resist Empire Ways with Childlike Faith

Mandy Smith, author of The Vulnerable Pastor and Unfettered speaks with us about childlike faith and resisting empire in all forms.


The Lessons of Inclusion

Part 2 of Andrew Dodd and Scott Higgins’ story about how Hamilton Baptist Church became LGBTQI+ affirming. This week: what they learned that other churches may want to take onboard.


What difference do our beliefs about hell make here and now?

Mitch Forbes and Will Small continue the conversation about heaven, hell and universal salvation, asking amongst other things, what difference do these beliefs make here and now?

Jesus (still) weeps

When my friend showed me the rejection letters from the church she grew up in, I had an unexpected experience of the presence of God. Here’s what happened….