By Jeremy Slough

When I was a kid, I’d be drawn to the pulpit of a church. On more than one occasion, after the service, when the adults were chatting and the other kids playing, I’d go and stand at that pulpit. I’d look out over the crowd of people and pretend I was the pastor. All I wanted to do was share the Word with people. I still do, today, but it’s different. Life’s different.

I suffer from multiple mental health challenges which means just sparking up a conversation with a friend can prove difficult. Sometimes, I wonder how different life would be if I wasn’t afflicted in this way. Would I be leading a ministry somewhere? Would I be bolder in sharing the Gospel?

I trust that, if you’re reading this, you may have felt similarly. But know this – the Lord’s eyes are actually on the least of us, the misfits, the ones who can’t be front and centre at church or work. He loves us so much He reaches out for the 1 in the 100, the one who is struggling, who can’t pray or read the Word, the one who loves God so much but can’t express it in the same way as others.

So, in the midst of my limitations, I actually feel I’m in a place where I can receive Christ’s love better than I ever have before. I appreciate and sit in wonderment that Christ could take someone broken like myself and simply love on me, building me up in my inner being to face the challenges ahead.

There is no favouritism with God. The ones in high positions He regards the same as those in low positions. This is good news! It means we can simply be, with no pressure to perform, no expectation of spiritual acts. In fact, we have the greatest calling of all, simply sitting at His feet, being in love with our Redeemer.

He is the God of encouragement. He encourages me daily that I’m not useless, and I have His mind despite having a mind that doesn’t work like it should. I’d like to also encourage you, if maybe life hasn’t turned out like you thought it might, that you are still amazing and He is still good. You’re His chosen handiwork, as beautiful as the stars, and you fit into His grand plan.

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