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Hannah joins me (Will) again for this week’s podcast! And we cover a lot of ground in this chat.

In this episode we speak a fair bit about recent events within the evangelical church that you may or may not be familiar with. We do our best to give context, but if we accidentally assumed some ‘insider knowledge’ anywhere I apologise for that. There are links below to a number of the individuals and situations we make reference to if you want to get more familiarised. 

Whilst we were reflecting on some specific recent events, we were also just grappling with what these are symptomatic of. This isn’t really intended to be a ‘hot take’, it’s really just our own attempt to process and make sense of some of the patterns and trends we see, that ought to give us all pause for thought. 

As we are discussing allegations of clergy abuse and imbalanced power dynamics in religious settings, you may want to proceed with caution if these have been lived realities of yours. 

As always, take care while listening, and reach out to someone for support if you need it. 

In this episode we make reference to the following people, situations and resources: 

Bruxy Cavey’s sexual misconduct and The Meeting House
Danielle Strickland and Jarrod McKenna‘s response (cited in the article above)
Beth Moore and this series of tweets
Brian Houston’s resignation from Hillsong
Dan Koch, You Have Permission Podcast
Jesus and John Wayne, Kristin Kobe Du Mez

Listen to the episode here, or via the podcast player below – episode title: Power, Patriarchy & Scandals (with Hannah Macauley Gierhart)

Sara M. Saleh on Palestine, liberation and poetry Spiritual Misfits Podcast

Sara M. Saleh is a human rights lawyer, community organiser, writer and the daughter of migrants from Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon. She has many very impressive achievements to her name including being the first poet to win both the Australian Book Review’s Peter Porter Poetry Prize and the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize, which she did back to back in 2020 and 2021. Sara’s debut novel Songs for the Dead and the Living is out now (link below where you can buy).  Sara is one of the voices that has been a helpful guide for me in recent weeks as we’ve seen the Israeli government cause enormous levels of destruction and loss of human life in Gaza. This conversation is really helpful for decoupling anti-zionism and anti-semitism and understanding why it’s so dangerous when these are conflated. It’s so obvious, as you’ll hear throughout this conversation that Sara holds a fierce commitment to any group of oppressed and suffering people, while striving for solutions that do not simply flip who is oppressing who. The way she speaks about liberation is so generous and beautiful and just. We talk about the limits of identity politics and the deep solidarity that can be found in shared values — and there’s just so much wisdom here. Listen deeply, share widely, and take whatever actions you can — great or small — in the direction of justice.  Sara’s website:https://www.saramsaleh.com/Buy ‘Songs for the Dead and the Living’:https://www.booktopia.com.au/songs-for-the-dead-and-the-living-sara-m-saleh/book/9781922848536.htmlFollow Sara on Instagram: @instasaranade‘A guide to Palestine for beginners’ (this is a fantastic doc): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lgiFGdUKiPfzC-xo6LZQXvGNIXGHyMYsGCA035kKc80/mobilebasicDonate to the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network: https://apan.org.au/donate/Sign up to our mailing list:https://spiritualmisfits.com.au/Join our online Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualmisfitspodcastSupport the pod:https://spiritualmisfits.com.au/support-us/Send us an email: Spiritualmisfits@outlook.comView all episodes and access transcripts at: https://spiritualmisfits.buzzsprout.com
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