Category: God In Skin

May Beauty be your Centre of Gravity

A reflection on the role of beauty in faith and theology, in light of the Incarnation.


The Advent of the Metaverse

Will Small reflects on the coming digital ‘metaverse’, in contrast with the physically embodied incarnation of Christ.


The Divine Lottery of Salvation

Is salvation easy or hard? Is it just one big cosmic lottery? A reflection on language, evangelism, and universal reconciliation.


Busted Hips, Blessings and the Bible.

Is the way we understand and handle the Bible the biggest source of conflict for people within Christianity? What if our categories for understanding the Bible are flawed in the first place?


Do not go gentle Pt. 2

The second part in this powerful piece of writing exploring the complex cocktail of parenting, faith, and the environmental challenges we must face together.


Do Not Go Gentle Pt.1

Hannah reflects on the way parenting shifted her lens for looking at the world and faith, particularly in the light of environmental degradation and our responsibility to the next generation.


The Directions of Love and Fear

Why are some Christians so freaked out by certain questions? And have you ever conceived of love and fear as opposite directions?


The Entanglement of Bible and Culture

Perhaps one of the biggest sources of conflict for Christians is the complex entanglement of the good book and the surrounding culture (both back then and here now). How much does this entanglement influence our experience of scripture?


The Tug of War Between Tradition and Progress

“…there will always be a tug of war between tradition and progress.” The impulse to hold onto the past VS the impulse to move forward into the future.