Sometimes, we need reminders of the truth, the truth that can set our hearts free. I know I do – as a trauma survivor, now advocating for mental health and recovery, I’ve had my share of setbacks and discouragement, which have left me grasping at the truth like I’m clutching at straws. The one thing that I try to remember is the knowledge that God is working for me, on my side, willing me to get to the other side of my trials. Whatever you may be going through, know that He loves you so very much, that His will for you is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, that someday we’ll see it. For now, there’s pain but also so much joy on earth. The world is a difficult place, but He gives us strength to face our battles, even if we need to rely on others, which is at the heart of our message at Spiritual Misfits.

A gospel poem

The Lord is good

And He loves me

He loveth you

He died to set us free

“Free from what?” you may ask

My life is just fine

You only live once

And, well, I’m having a good time

Yes, we live just once

God says our lives are like vapour

Here today, gone tomorrow

All we leave behind is some paper

We can leave a righteous heritage

An inheritance for those after to enjoy

To do this we needed Jesus

To unearth Satan’s poisonous ploy

At the heart of every man and child

Since our fall in the garden

Is a wayward course of action

Our hearts were hardened; we needed a pardon

What separated us from God? Penetrating sin

It comes in different shapes and sizes

The fact we fell under its spell

Really shouldn’t surprise us

It means to miss the mark and fall short of glory

But the distance is wide

I’ll name some examples –

deceit, disobedience, perversion and pride

God was with Moses high on the mountain

Moses walked down, stone in hand

Good laws for God’s people

Wicked practices He had banned

So the Israelites’ code was in permanent ink

But what the law couldn’t fulfil

Jesus did in its place on a cursed cross

As His first drop of blood was spilled

He did it for you, for me

For all humankind

For the wages of sin is certain death

But He died so we’d have certain life

How’d it come to this? The sky turned black

Our Creator crucified on a tree

Not before He turned to his right, the guilty party

“Today you’ll be in paradise with Me”

That party is us – what forgiveness is this?

Here’s a criminal, far from a son

But Jesus said, “Here, you’re a free man”

The battle with sin had been won

Old Testament prophecy dictated this death

Not one word was out of line

All His ways are perfect

He’s omniscient and divine

What hurt Jesus more – the nails or shame?

It’s hard to imagine the utter disgrace

All that He went through and felt

When His Dad hid His face

He’s emotional and this harrowing tale proves it

What I think deserves a mention today

Is the agony God Himself would have felt

As He gave His beloved son away

If anyone has lost a child I can’t imagine your pain

You’re not alone

God sympathises with you

All comfort flows from His throne

The narrative doesn’t end here

As amazing it is to think about

Jesus buried in a tomb stone-sealed

But the third day after walked out

“He is risen!” we cry

And herein lies all glory

The most incredible part

In this incredible story

His body and blood given for us

To fulfil God’s master plan

The father-son bond broken then restored

Jesus sits at His Daddy’s right hand

The world doesn’t know

What it’s missing is love

They search in hopeless places

Everywhere except right up above

It manifested itself in a perfect exchange

The sinless Son being sin for us

His body broken, blood poured out

The key to life’s name is Jesus

Because we were all guilty

We all turned astray

We all needed reconciling

We all could pay

When we acknowledge certain forgiveness

The place where blood overflowed

It’s joy, wonder, triumph and peace

To be made holy, white as snow

No matter your lot in life

Don’t fret if you think you’re a failure

The truth of the matter is

In Christ you’re rescued by the sovereign Creator

Every time I stumble, crumble and fall

The lights are off, I’m knee-bound in the dark

His voice shakes the room, uncovers the gloom

Piercing me straight to the heart

Words of light and love and hope

Words to lift me up

Precious and powerful words whispered to me

Over the bread and cup

Sitting in His house with humbled heart

I can’t help but pause and reflect

Who could be so blessed as us

To be called His holy elect?

Let’s remember with thanks all God did

To save and sanctify our precious souls

To give our lives to Him in worship and truth

Should be our dearest and greatest goal


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